Privacy Policy

Enjoy our premium IPTV services in TenzLive. This is the policy for collecting, using, and securing your personal data as a client. Terms of use apply when interacting with our site.

Cookies for Enhanced Experience

We utilize Cookies at TenzLive for better navigation of our website. These small pieces of a text file which lie in your computer will be forwarded and reach out server when you visit a specific web page. Through browser settings, you may be able to control cookie preferences.

Information We Collect

Wondering what information we gather? We gather data on which pages you visit, how long you spend on each page, and how frequently you return to them. This crucial information is important in making sure our site is user-friendly and that we are serving our customers’ needs well.

Utilizing User Data

Collected data helps us in comprehending user tastes, most preferred products, and improving content. Information about popular areas helps us to improve and enrich our services according to the taste of users.

Abuse Tracking

Do not worry, our cookies are secure. Unless required by law, we will not disclose them. We would follow a court order and cooperate with law enforcement seeking online security.

Property Claim

Respective owner is associated with each logos and trademark shown on TenzLive. There is nothing that ties us to these entities Trust matters! TenzLive takes care to ensure that your Personal Data will not be published for public viewing or used in any other way without your permission.

Safety Guarantee

Go with trust TenzLive for authentic and untouched apps and APKs. We make sure that your safety comes first; with each visit, you can rest assured that it will be a virus-free and secure experience.

Policy Changes

Our privacy policy may evolve. Policy that was in place at the time of utilization. Information users are subject to the policy as existing at time of such use. Remain updated on policy amendments for future safe browsing.

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