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As Legal IPTV provider we respect copyright in Tenz live and respond fast to every genuine take-down notice. If you are the copyright owner or authorized agent and think that some of the content stored on our website, Tenz. Live contains some of infringing materials, provide our designated Copyright Agent with a proper DMCA notification. Ensure compliance by including the following details:

A physical, or electronic representation of a person who can legitimately sign for a copyright holder’s interests.
A listing including the name of the copyrighted work(s) allegedly infringed, and where applicable, representation of any copyright owner.
Specific identifiable information detailing infringing material like URL addresses that we may follow to locate the specific infringing material.
This is contact information that facilitates communication such as address, telephone numbers, and e-mail.
A statement that affirms a good faith belief that the use of the material is not an infringement.
A sworn declaration that the above-stated information given is accurate and that the complainant is duly authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder.


Send a counter-notification to our Designated Copyright Agent if you think your content removing on Tenz Live is mistaken. Include the following:

The signature of the subscriber or an authorized person for iptv copyright.
A description and location of previous placement of the removed material.
A declaration, under oath, of a belief in a mistake concerning removal or misidentification.
Name, address, telephone number, and email; consent to jurisdiction in the Federal District court or wherever Tenz Live is found.
Designated Copyright Agent

For all notices and notices of claimed infringements, contact our designated copyright agent, we are legal iptv provider but if still there is some issue contact us at: [email protected]

If you have any questions, comments, or inquiries, visit the Tenz live website. To ensure legality as far the DMCA notice and counter notification is concerned.

Extended Information:

Disclaimer: Therefore, though our intention is to ensure accuracy; we advise one to seek legal experts’ advice in order to be in line with the prevailing laws and regulations.

Important Notes for Copyright Holders:

Tenz Live is a website that you can access using the domain, where copyright holders should take care about their materials’ availability.

We take prompt action when we receive a complaint of copyright infringement that is in accordance with the requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Filing a DMCA Notice or Counter-Notification:

Use the given email address [email protected] for DMCA notice only. All other enquires and comments may be directed through our customer services via the Tenz Live website.

Prompt Responses:

Timely responses are important to us. On receiving a notice or a counter-notice, it will be our endeavor to do so as soon as possible in accordance with the DMCA.

Additional Resources:

For more details on copyright laws and the DMCA, you may refer to the official U.S. Copyright Office website: U.S. Copyright Office.

Tenz Live believes in being transparent, and we will make sure that we keep our users aware of these regulations. Details pertaining such can be availed on our TenzLive’s Terms of Service as well as Privacy Policy.

Ongoing Commitment:

Our effort to improve the security conditions is ongoing in making to assure a suitable and safe platform for every user. Compliance with DMCA rules will greatly contribute to the preservation of fairness and reliability for Tenz Live.

Contact Information:

If there are any queries, clarification or help, it is advisable to contact the support services via Tenz Live website. Thank you for the understanding as we strive to maintain copyright requirements and ensure respect of other people’s intellectual property.

We appreciate your participation at Tenz live.

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